About Tommie

Ordained Minister, Evangelist, Bible Teacher, host of daily Periscope.tv show, DOMINION TODAY.  


Equipping the Church, Winning the Lost





Tommie Norman is an ordained minister  and founder of Tommie Norman Ministries.  She is the host of 

Dominion Today, which airs LIVE,  Monday through Thursday  on Periscope TV and YouTube, to an inter-

national audience that has grown to thousands of followers since she began broadcasting 3 years ago.


Tommie has been in ministry for over 25 years, and served as an associate pastor until 2016 at  which 

time she  began her  online ministry.

She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Rejoice Essential Magazine, and Master Storyteller Magazine. 

She has been a  guest on a variety of social media programs, most frequently on the  Bible News Radio



Tommie is a Spirit filled minister of the Gospel who believes in the power of God to save and deliver, as

well as physically heal anyone who will, by faith, receive it.  She is known especially for sharing the

message that healing is God’s will for all, and a benefit of the finished work of Christ.


Tommie is married to Robert, her husband of 36 years and they reside in southern Michigan.  They have 3

grown children and three grandchildren.


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