• Tommie Norman

10 Keys To A Happy Marriage

10 Keys To A Happy Marriage

1) Instead of dwelling on what is wrong with your spouse, focus on what is right with him or her.

2) Forgive quickly

3) Practice humility always

4) Extend grace

5) Find out their love language is (Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality time, Physical tough, or Words of affirmation) and do it.

6) Refuse to harbor offense

7) Laugh, laugh, laugh

8) HONOR your spouse always, refuse to engage in sarcasm privately and NEVER PUBLICLY. It is toxic to relationships.

9) Pray for and with your spouse


After 32 years of marriage, we have never been happier but it's because we are still learning and adjusting. God is for you and He will help you! The best is yet to come if you DON"T quit.


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